Tips for Planning Your Wedding Date

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Have you always dreamed of a romantic Christmas wedding? Perhaps you want to be a summer bride. No matter what you’ve always pictured for your wedding date, a little research can help you choose the best (and most cost-efficient wedding date) for you!

Most Inexpensive Months

If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider going with one of the least popular months, as they are typically the most inexpensive months. January, March, April and November are the least popular wedding months and because of less demand for vendors, you can probably get a great deal!

Bride and Groom

Most Expensive Months

The most expensive months will be December and February. Because of Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there is a lot of demand on different vendors; venues, cake bakers and decorators, etc. So if your heart is set on a Valentine’s Day wedding, be prepared to pay. June and September will also be expensive, because these are the most popular wedding months.

Bride and Groom Kissing in Autumn

Bad Times for a Wedding

Choosing a wedding date that falls around major holidays, tax days, and other important days can be a bad idea. People are typically busy around these times, and may not be able to make it to the wedding. If they do make it, they will be more stressed out than usual, so it’s best to avoid those times.

Wedding Ceremony

Photo Source:

Other Important Tips

Remember that if you’re on a budget, breakfast is the least expensive meal of the day. Also, planning to have the reception between 2 and 4pm can save you some money because people aren’t as hungry as other times of the day!

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A Stunning Christmas Wedding Theme

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For brides who are planning their weddings around Christmas time, what’s more perfect than a beautiful and magical Christmas wedding theme? Use the following pictures of other brides’ weddings to gain some inspiration for a stunning Christmas wedding theme.

The Dress

Since it’s cooler around this time of year, brides who have a Christmas wedding can wear dresses that are a little more elaborate. Long sleeves, jackets and even fur embellishments have a place in this sort of theme. Take a look at these beautiful dresses of Christmas-time brides.

Winter Wedding Dress

Photo Source:

Winter Theme Wedding Dress

The Cake

This stunning cake is just two tiers and very simple, but white flowers, berries and tiny snow-covered pine cones really reflect the Christmas theme.

Christmas/Winter Theme Wedding Cake

Photo Source:

This present-themed cake is a perfect Christmas wedding cake. The rich gold and red tones are also very representative of the season.

Present Theme Christmas Wedding Cake

The Centerpieces

This bride took cinnamon sticks and attached them to pillar candles before tying a decorative ribbon around the whole thing. It’s very beautiful and easy to create.

Christmas Theme Centerpiece Candles with Cinnamon Sticks

Pine cones and branches that have been spray-painted white are placed into glass containers for the tabletop décor. The result is a frosty, beautiful look!

White Pinecone Winter Wedding Decor

Photo Source:

These are just a few great ideas for your Christmas-themed wedding. The great thing about this theme is that most people have décor items readily available to them in their closets or at their favorite store. Use these ideas as inspiration!

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Halloween Wedding Ideas: Scare Up Some Spooky Wedding Fun

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The brides who plan to have a Halloween wedding may not be the majority, but those who love Halloween understand the spectacular draw. If you’re planning a Halloween wedding, you’ll appreciate these fun and unique wedding décor and entertainment ideas.

The Cake

Can you have a Halloween wedding cake without the bright orange, black and purple? Of course! Check out these fantastic Halloween wedding cakes:

This beautiful skull cake can be embellished with whatever flowers you’d like! It’s a great way to get your wedding colors into the cake, too.

Black and White Skull Wedding Cake

Photo Source:

This whimsical and decorative cake features beautiful calligraphy on white fondant and is embellished with dark crimson roses.

Black and White Wedding Cake with Red Rose Accents

Photo Source:

Elegant and Macabre Décor

You can have elegant and beautiful Halloween wedding décor; it doesn’t all have to be commercial in appearance. Wrap a white princess pumpkin in black lace and you have an instant and beautiful décor element. Black place settings with white centerpieces look fantastic as well.

Black and White Halloween Wedding Decor

Photo Source:

Lighting the Way

Hang mini jack-o-lanterns from plant hangers down the aisle for a beautiful lighting element.

Mini Jack-O-Lantern Lighting

Photo Source:

Dessert Bar Snack Idea

What’s a better Halloween treat than a candied apple? Use them on your dessert bar and don’t forget the candy corn and plenty of “trick-or-treat” foods.

Candy Apple

These are just a few ideas for a Halloween wedding! Use them as inspiration to come up with your own fun and unique Halloween wedding ideas.

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Positively Punk Wedding Theme

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If your friends consider you the “rock star” of the group and a traditional wedding dress makes you cringe, then a positively punk wedding theme may be the perfect option for you. Check out some of these great punk wedding theme ideas to gain inspiration!

Punk Wedding Cakes

There are some really beautiful punk wedding cake ideas out there. This beautiful skull and roses cake features purple and black fondant with bright flowers that give it a “day of the dead” feel.

Punk Theme Wedding Cake with Skulls

This elegant punk cake features square tiers with an abstract black design. The bright red roses make the entire cake pop with color and beauty.

Black, White and Red Punk Theme Wedding Cake

Photo Source:

Punk Wedding Dresses

If you’re planning on having a punk wedding then you need the ultimate punk wedding dress, for sure! Go with something black and beautiful like this corset-top dress that is ultra sleek and frilly!

Black Punk Theme Wedding Dress

Photo Source:

If you want something punk-ish without being totally black, go for something like this long, flowing plaid dress that is bright and edgy.

Black and White Plaid Wedding Dress

Photo Source:

Punk Wedding Décor

Finally, you’ll need some great punk décor to pull your wedding together perfectly. These beautiful gothic-style centerpieces with blood-red roses are perfect!

Goth Theme Centerpiece with Blood Red Roses

Photo Source:

You may want to go with rich, bold colors that are luxurious and punk in appearance, like this beautiful table linen for the cake table.

Goth/Punk Theme Wedding Cake Table

Photo Source:

Black and red are perfect colors for a punk wedding theme, as is purple and a variety of other colors. Opt for the dramatic and you’ll do just fine.

Red Rose Centerpieces

Photo Source:

These are just a few great ideas to help you prepare a perfectly punk wedding theme that you will love and that your guests will appreciate!

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Unique Tips for Finding Wedding Supplies at a Discount

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Weddings are expensive; even if you budget and have a small, intimate gathering. There’s always room to save more money, and these tips can help. Here are a few unique tips for finding wedding supplies at a discount.

Party Stores

Party stores are excellent places to look for some common supplies, like balloons, aisle runners, streamers, and similar supplies. Check for sales and discounts well in advance and use it to save some money on these kinds of supplies.

Wedding Decor and Streamers

Photo Source:

Online Swap Sites

Another great option is to sign up for online swap sites like This website allows individuals to swap their personal items with someone else and includes all kinds of things from jewelry to wedding supplies. You’re not guaranteed to find something fabulous, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Wedding Supplies

Photo Source:

Classified Ads

Check in your local paper and on Craigslist and other ad websites to find wedding supplies. Many people who have purchased supplies like chair covers, table cloths, and other items will want to get rid of them after the wedding. They don’t usually have sentimental value and brides are ready to receive any sort of money for them to free up space in their home and recoup some of their wedding spending.

Using these tips can help you get great wedding supplies at a fraction of the cost of ordering them from a wedding supplier. Keep your eye out for sales and discounts at craft stores and other potential wedding item sites as well.

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Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

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Whether you’re a book lover or a sucker for a fairytale, a beauty and the beast wedding theme can be absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of great ideas that you can use without spending a fortune. Here are a few great ideas for a beauty and the beast wedding theme.

The Glass Encased Rose

This is a fantastic centerpiece idea for this wedding theme; all you need are red or pink roses and glass domes that are available from your local craft store. Display the rose in a pretty vase and then cover it with the dome. Not only are these perfect for a beauty and the beast theme, but they’re inexpensive centerpieces as well.

Encased Red Rose - Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cakes

The options when it comes to beauty and the beast cakes are limitless. Check out these great and very different options that all fit this wonderful theme.

This beautiful cake features stunning yellow roses and a beautiful filigree pattern on the bottom tier. The words say “A tale as old as time.”

Tale as Old as Time Wedding Cake

Photo Source:

This beautifully vivid cake features those trademark yellow ruffles, plenty of roses and on the black tier, the words to the beauty and the beast theme song.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake

Photo Source:

This is an old-fashioned cake featuring the beauty and the beast topper. The cake is elegant and pretty, with roses embellishing the space between tiers and the bottom.

Fairytale Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake

Belle’s Hairstyle

This woman has Belle’s hairstyle down perfectly! The hair is pinned around the back and to the side, where it falls down her shoulder in loose ringlets.

Beauty and The Beast - Belle's Hairstyle

Photo Source:

The Décor

This gorgeous décor is the perfect beauty and the beast décor. It’s achieved by using butter-yellow table linens and plenty of pink and red rose embellishments.

Beauty and The Beast Wedding Decor - Bright Yellow, Pink and Red

Photo Source:

These are just a few of the choices you have for a gorgeous beauty and the beast themed wedding. Watch the movie again and make notes, or look through other pictures for inspiration. When done correctly, this can be a stunning theme.

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4 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Maps in Your Wedding

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I have a thing for maps – vintage maps, new maps, and maps of every kind in between. Recently, I’ve noticed that maps are becoming more and more popular as aspects of wedding décor. This can be a really great way to add décor for a travel-themed wedding, or go with a vintage feel. Here are 4 fun and creative ways to use maps in your wedding.

Map Bunting

This is a cute way to use maps in the wedding décor, and super easy as well. Simply cut out your triangles (all the same size), fold the top over and place a string in the fold, and sew with a basic stitch on your sewing machine.

Map Bunting

Photo Source:


For this idea, you’ll need a map of where the bride is from and one of where the groom is from as well. Cut the maps into hearts and glue onto a sheet of construction paper (whatever size you’d like). Fit the construction paper into a frame and place the frames next to the wedding cake or wherever else you’d like.

Mini Rosettes

You can create mini rosettes to hang wherever you’d like for the reception – and they’re super easy! Simply cut a small square from a map (you can make the squares in alternating sizes). Next, fold the square in an alternating way, just like if you were going to make a fan. When you’ve finished, fold the “fan” in half and glue the sides together so that it opens into a rosette.

Heart Garland

For another great banner-style hanging, you can cut hearts from old maps and simply glue them to a long string. This creates an attractive and fun garland.

Heart Garland with Maps

Photo Source:

Voila – 4 great ways to use maps in your wedding décor. Use these for inspiration and come up with your own unique ideas.

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5 Cute Outdoor Wedding Ideas

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If you’re planning a beautiful summer or early fall outdoor wedding, you’ll really appreciate this list of ideas. These are outdoor ideas that are super cute and will surely impress your guests. Without further ado…

Sun Shades 

Provide your guests with sun shades to keep the sun from hurting their eyes during your ceremony. Place them in a basket with a sign that says, “Please don’t be blinded by our love…take some shades!

Sunglasses Table

Photo Source:

Dancing Shoes

If you have an outdoor dance floor constructed, fill a basket with inexpensive flip-flops so guests can switch to those before dancing.

Flip Flops for Dancing

Photo Source:

Flower Hangers

Purchase inexpensive garden plant holders and use them to display vases full of flowers or for a nighttime wedding or reception, hang your candleholders on them.

Flower Hangers

Photo Source:

Flower Petal Aisle Designs

Use real or artificial flower petals to create beautiful aisle art. This will be the path the bride takes to her groom, so it should be very special!

Flower Petal Aisle Design

Keep it Simple

Rather than purchasing tons of flowers, purchase a few large, statement-style flower arrangements. This is great for an outdoor wedding and is less expensive.

Simple Wedding Decor

These are just a few of the things you can do with an outdoor wedding to make it truly fabulous.

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